Forgotten Memories

Hi there,

I just uploaded my new Soundtrack about long forgotten memories.

Forgotten Memories

Just %#@$%^ beautiful…beautiful…what piano is that?..sounds amazing, the piece builds very romantically, brought tears to my eye’s…well nearly, very spacious sounding production and lovely tune and that’s what it’s all about for me…a tune…well done you but it’s not a song…it’s an instrumental, Kevin

Very, nice and great orchestra production…love the piano sound lets us know what you are using.

I am not as big a fan of the long reverb especially on piano but you have used them mostly very well and that is always a matter of opinion. I am wondering though, why place the piano in a different - reverb- (amount/length or room) at end of piece. If anything the piano should be sweet and in your face at front of church’s stage especially after the orchestra does the great arrangement.

Thanks for sharing this

Thank you for listening kzarider and shadowfax. Glad you like it and thanks for the hint about the description, I changed it.

The piano is Boesendorfer from EWQL Pianos.

With this soundtrack I tried to tell a story… you remember a long forgotten memory and in the end you realize how far away this event is (and maybe you start daydreaming). To symbolize this I placed the piano into another room… far away.

Awesome, abelas!

Really well done. Really loved the arrangement and the piano was just perfect!

Thanks SLD, glad you like the arrangement.

Yes, it grabs me. Serene melody, pure arrangement. The reverberating sound of the piano at the end works for me. Good piece.

I don’t know if anyone else picked up on the percussion in the background, but the movement that it creates really adds a lot to the piece. It’s sort of like the percussion on the theme from the HBO series Game of Thrones in that the piece by itself is very nice, but the song gets pushed along to its conclusion by the drums, etc.

Very nice composition!

very nicely done!

Ok, first thing is about the piano at the end. It’d be better to have an automation for the wet mix and/or size of the reverb and to have it increasing so that it gives the impression that the memory is fading away rather than just instantaneously blurry. There are other effects that you could experiment with to achieve this too. But otherwise just keep the reverb the same as the opening.

The melody is nice although the change at 0:16 sounds like it doesn’t really fit and flow as well as it could. That’s my only real criticism on the melody. The A and B sections compliment each other very nicely. The strings sweep up in a nice way for that. But on the repeat I’d have liked the brass to be playing at a higher dynamic, the french horn just sounds dull with that kind of timbre for the fragment of counter melody.

The tremolo at 1:20 just doesn’t sound good though because of the actual sound and not the choice of technique. It’s the part that sounds the most synthy in the whole track; try another tremolo patch instead.

Other than that well done, nice composition.

You’ve got some really gorgeous violin melodies going there! :sunglasses:

On another note: I know I’ve b*tched about this before, but I have heard so many of these types of pieces over the last 10 years in which orchestral sample libraries have become affordable. Strings playing chords with pounding drums behind them. What is UP with that? Really, I’m not trying to be an a**hole here, I am trying to understand why this is :question:

BTW – isn’t the phrase “forgotten memory” a bit of an oxymoron? I mean, if you’ve forgotten it, how can it be a memory? :laughing:

Really love the sweet piano tune that starts the piece, as if I’m listening to Mozart or Debussy, and then the strings come in with the percussion and lifts it up. To me it sounds like a real sweet and simple melody and just beautiful to listen to. At the end the reverb effect gives me the feeling that the memory is fading away, and reminds me of the piano in the movie “The Others” where a ghost was playing the piano :slight_smile: This piece will work so well for video/film because it creates atmosphere and goes from solo piano to full orchestra. Michael

Great song with a great atmosphere!

the best celtic orchestral piece ive heard on this forum since it opened and the violin is exquisite .

very nice piece


Thanks so much for your feedback.

That was pretty amazing! Very emotional piece and very well delivered. Your mix had an incredible depth, great use of reverb and panning. All the instruments made sense and were in their place, great arrangement man.

Really enjoyed listening!