"forgotten" patch name selections (Bug?)

When I open a Cubase project that uses midi instrument patch names, the chosen instrument patches are all reset to "Temp … ".

But if I click each pulldown patch menu, the correct previous chosen patch name is still highlighted. So I re-select it (by clicking a different patch, and then the original one again), then everything works correctly again. So to this extent, thankfully, the project has remembered what patch was chosen. Otherwise, I’d have to make notes. But still, manually reselecting every patch doing this for multiple instruments each time I open a project is a drag.

Does anyone understand this issue please?

Is it a bug?

Is there a workaround?


ps. I have checked and there are no program change messages in my midi.

pps. I notice someone on the Nuendo forum has the same issue but no fix.

I’ve posted questions about this bug a couple of times over the last few years … not had any response at all!

It has been many years since this original post, but I ran across this problem in Cubase 8.5 and I thought I would record my observations here for the benefit of future victims.

The problem was as described above - on startup, the patch selections were correctly remembered, but the initial Bank Select and Program changes sent on start were not the correct ones and the patch names had “Temp” appended to the front of them. Subsequent reselection of the patch sent the correct codes and returned the name to normal.

In my case, the problem was caused by the fact that when I first installed my instrument patch script, I used incorrect codes for the patches. I later corrected the patch script, removed the old instrument with MIDI Device Manager, and installed the new patch script.

Somehow, Cubase “remembered” (in a cache somewhere maybe?) the old script with the bad codes, and it was these old script codes that were used on startup with the “Temp” names. When I reselected the patch names after startup, the new replacement script was used witb the correct codes.

I could not figure out where this old script information might be remembered, nor how to reset it, so my solution was brute force. I uninstalled Cubase completely, getting rid not only of the application but all the preference files (Mac) and everything else with “Steinberg” or “Cubase” in the file name. Then I reinstalled Cubase, and this time I installed the correct script with MIDI Device Manager the first time.

The problem has not recurred since. No, I don’t understand this issue. But at least I got rid of it.