Forklift upgrade-WaveLab 6 to 8-Hardware included

I used to be an an avid user of WaveLab version 6,(7 years ago) while producing 8 commercial CDs. I changed to a new job several years ago, and have barely touched my recording studio computer. I’m running version 6, and would like to upgrade to the latest version of WaveLab 8. I need the fully functioning software (not Essentials). I also need a totally new computer (old system is a desktop running an Asus Motherboard with Intel Pentium 4 on XP!!!).

I have questions on Hardware first:
Can I run Wavelab 8 on Windows version 7?
Does WaveLab 8 run well on a Solid State Drives (SSD), or does it need a standard Hard Drive?
Any suggestions as to what Hardware to buy? (Laptop, Desktop, etc.) Budget is not an issue.
I’m using a Lynx L22 sound card, and am pleased with it’s performance, so no need to get a new card.

Any input appreciated, as I undergo this journey!



I don’t use Windows so I can’t comment on that, but I can say that I’ve been using Wavelab 8 and now 8.5 on a computer with SSD for the operating system and SSD for the audio drive where I store my projects.

There seems to be no problem with SSD and Wavelab. I also have a Lynx sound card (AES16e) and it works great with Wavelab.

Can I run Wavelab 8 on Windows version 7?