format mismatch

Hi,i am getting the following error message when i load a project.
Bank Load Error format mismatch hplA Order 848674980 size 3134
i click ok,and the project then loads.but something obviously wrong.
this is a project that i had projects save to E disc by default,but out of the blue one day i had lost the project,and found it in C disc.
any clues?

I suspect that first number is a Windows reference as I see similar numbers on a trawl about. Like here:

Mind you it’s not beyond possibility that that could also be you.
If it is what I think it is then there is a possibility that whatever drive it’s loaded from has file corruption or the disk is somehow faulty but that fault could be simply a loose lead or lots of dust everywhere in your computer. While in most cases it is hoped that that is the case it would be worth checking for loose connectors before calling the doctor out.
Also as the other similar posts I see seem to refer to VSTs and synths I guess it would be related to any you are using along with that Project.