Formatted drive [ASAP]


2 days ago I run into some virus that wiped my hard drive… At least I keep all my scores on iCloud. I’ve almost finished the whole installation/activation of all my stuff and I’ve realised I’ve lost my Dorico license… I bought a download version and don’t have the eLicenser dongle. What can I do to activate Dorico on a newly installed MacOS Catalina?

I have a competition deadline at the 31st of October and really need to get it working ASAP…

Hi thymotheus.
There is a reactivation procedure at mysteinberg site, have you been there ? Providing you have the former license (probably in an e-mail) you should be able to get a new valid license for your new drive almost immediately.
Hope it helps!

Here’s the link to the page Marc refers to:

If that does not help you, maybe Daniel can send you a trial license to at least get you going for your deadline.

Are you sure it was a virus, and not some other problem, like a faulty drive? Malware usually does stuff like monitoring your keyboard and web activities, or ransoming your data. There doesn’t seem to be a known one that wipes disks.

If you don’t have a TimeMachine backup, you should set one up. iCloud Drive is not a backup: it just syncs your data, so if you (or malware) delete a file, that deletion will be synced. (Erasing the disk obviously doesn’t erase iCloud, though!)