Formatted text via pdf or graphics?

I understand that, at present, formatted text can’t be imported into a text frame in Dorico, and neither can PDF, so I tried converting a PDF file into jpg for import as a graphic, but the quality was awful. I also tried putting a pdf through an online converter into SVG , but - though I didn’t get an error message - nothing showed in the graphics frame. What is the correct procedure, or do I have to reproduce the formatted text using the Paragraph Styles tools within Dorico?

You can’t import a PDF into Dorico. In theory you could use an SVG, though you would really need to make sure that all of the font characters in the document are converted to outlines before you try to import it into Dorico, and you would probably need a dedicated illustration application to handle that reliably.

Perhaps a better option would be to leave that page blank in Dorico and replace it with a PDF created by your application of choice after the fact?

Thanks, but it needed in this case to be in a frame as part of a page. In actual fact it only took minutes to reproduce it as a paragraph style, but I agree that for pagefuls of text I could (and indeed do) use a PDF editor/compiler.

If I recall SVG files have to use a basic profile. Some have had luck converting using Inkscape which is a free program.