Formatting impasse

This is a work for string orchestra, one movement, under 4 minutes.

While formatting in Engrave, I seem to have moved a staff vertically which triggered a complete re-arranging of that particular system (b 24-27)
Cmd Z gave a completely unpredictable result whic can be seen in the screenshot.
However out of 7 staves, only 3 are visible with a fourth showing at the bottom of the page.
How to bring this passage back to normality?

Notice the tiny red boxes at the left of the staves. One is selected in your screenshot. The red indicates that their positions have been changed. With one or more boxes selected, press Backspace (Delete) to restore the default spacing.

Activate the Frame tool, select the Frame.
Then Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset selected frames.

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Thanks Mark. Your solution worked only for the 3 staves showing a dotl

Thanks Michele. Your solution worked. Rather convoluted but once you know, it’s obvious. :slight_smile:

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Glad to help!
Most if not all “reset” operations are there, and you can also access them from the Jump bar.

As @Michele_Galvagno1 says the resetting operations are very well organised in that menu. Beyond that you can also define Key Commands and JumpBar aliases for them ;-). And you can have this operation (resetting system or frame) working while you are in the Staff Spacing tool view: if a little square is selected it defines also the system or frame that will be resetted (so no need to switch to the Frame tool view) :

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