Formatting issue

Hi all,

At some point in the past, I created a sort of custom format for my scores (I think mainly because I wanted a specific font, Futura) but now I can’t seem to get things back to a good, “normal” formatting as a default. It takes all sorts of tinkering and changing every time I create a score to get it to not look all weird and tiny (see attached). I’m sure there’s some way to reset to a default setting somewhere that would resolve this but I’ve been unable to find it thus far. Any help? Thanks!

We need more info. How are you saving your defaults? Are you viewing the correct layout? Are you starting from a saved, blank file?

zmaine, it should be as simple as holding Ctrl (Windows) or Alt (Mac) and then clicking the Remove Saved Defaults button in the Layout Options dialog. See here.

Thanks to both of you for your help. Dankreider, I think your questions were a bit too advanced for me since I really am not sure of the answers! For now, Daniel’s solution worked. Clearly I still have much to learn re: how to make the best use of this software. Thank you!