Formatting the view of a track

Hi all,

I’m new to recording with a DAW. I’m getting the hang of it, but one thing is mystifying me.

First of all, apologies that I don’t know the word(s) for what I’m describing, if I did I’d have had better success when searching the internet :slight_smile:

I’ve recorded a simple single guitar track, hope this image shows properly on the forum, this is my first post :

The problem is the track is showing just as a block, I’m not seeing the “trace” of the recording. Not sure of the exact word, I mean the “ups and downs” of the sound level.

I’ve inadvertently changed a setting somewhere. It was working fine when I first started using Cubase last week. I remember being in a menu (can’t remember which), and I got distracted and must have clicked something. A sneeze usually does it if I’m holding the mouse :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

In the preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences), you’ll find an option to enable the display of waveforms in audio events:

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Thanks for the quick reply @Martin90

Unfortunately that doesn’t work, I’ve tried toggling the setting and restarting Cubase several times.
I’ll do some more internet searching tomorrow, now I have a key word “waveform”.


But you are hearing it, so it’s not just blank audio?

In the upper right of the Project Window there is a Slider that lets you magnify the Waveform display. At the bottom it is normal sized and it zooms in as you move the slider up. At some point the display will be so magnified that it looks like a block.



Hi @raino

Yep I could hear the track. I did some research and decided to initialise preferences using an article I found on this forum :
“Troubleshooting for Cubase and Nuendo on Windows”
It’s working fine now.

PS. Thanks for the screenshot, I read about the slider, but didn’t find it until I saw your picture.

I now have this, I don’t know why the waveform on track 1 is more condensed than track 2, I made track 2 after initialising my preferences :

It’s not a problem for me, I’ll be deleting these test tracks as I get more competent.