Formatting transposing instrument names on score


I’ve looked through forum/help but can’t see an answer so hoping someone can advise. I have an orchestral score and the instrument names for transposing instruments have a format like ‘Trumpet in C’. Would like the format to be ‘Trumpet (C)’ but can’t find a setting.

I did have a couple in that format and noticed it was set to use the player name but that seemed to mess up the single name when there were multiple instruments in the section and switching off the use player name resolved that issue.

Not sure if I’m missing something obvious but struggling to find an option - is there one?

I’d say it’s in Layout options >Staves and systems > Staves labels and transpositions. There are some ticks to make and you’re done.

Marc thank you. Found a tickbox option in there - I must have scrolled past that multiple times!

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