Former Digital Performer Users (or any user!) Cubase Question

Hi, I’ve been using Cubase for about a month coming from Digital Performer. DP has a feature called “Audition Selection” that allows you to select any combination of notes/events/audio and immediately play back discretely ONLY what you’ve selected. It’s a single keystroke and it works across all editors and tracks. I’m wondering if Cubase has this feature, too. I can’t find anything like it. Play Range Selection and the Audition Tool SORTA work, but they don’t allow for discrete auditioning within a track or across multiple tracks.

For example, if you play an entire drum kit into one MIDI track and you just wanted to hear the hi-hat, in DP you can select just the hi-hat notes and play them back immediately without hearing the rest of the kit. Using lanes in Cubase doesn’t solve this. Everything still has to be split out. Or in an orchestral piece, you can highlight just the woodwinds and brass and hear them playing together without anything else being heard. You can audition MIDI against audio, which is awesome for embellishing audio loops and finding things that are out of sync. Literally any combination of anything in the timeline. Further, DP does this without any additional routing, soloing, tool selection, or special modes and the output of the selected notes goes through the intended output channels.

It’s a crazy useful workflow feature. Many people I know have stayed with DP for just this one thing after trying to switch to another DAW.

Can Cubase do this? Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help, M.

This came up recently. Somebody offered a suggestion for something close.

Thank you SO much. Really. While it’s not as refined or fast as DP’s audition capability, it’s workable. What a relief. :smiley:

So, why did you leave DP? I’m considering leaving Cubase and going to DP. LOL