Forsaken [New Mix] · 2016.9.19

New mix.

Cubase 8.5
Solo Strings
Woodwinds I
Soprano Choir



You forgot to post a link! Looking forward to hearing it.

Oh! I entirely forgot. :smiley:

Link: Stream Forsaken [New Mix] · 2016.9.19 by Jobauma | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

It’s been so long, I forgot what the previous mix sounded like. I still like this composition a lot!

Hi there Jobauma,

Very nice. Good film score style of composition.

Hi Jobauma,

Well done ! I enjoyed listening to your track.

Are you using VSL libraries in this track ? or … ?

Thanks for sharing,

Awesome, can definitively see this on a movie! What instruments are these?

Thanks, everybody!

Muziksculp, I’m using Vienna Symphonic Library in this track with the packages mentioned above, sold separately. The VSTi is called Vienna Instruments, but the company has a much larger selection of sounds. Go on and check them out here: :wink:

Hi Jobauam,

Great. I know their products, and I have some of their libraries.

I just wasn’t sure you are referring to their Solo Strings, Woods, …etc. in earlier post.