Fortepiano dynamic not interpreted in playback?

Just checking, this simply isn’t supported, right?

I’m currently handling this manually (laying down points in MIDI controller graphs in the Play tab), but I’m just wondering, since Dorico does a nice job of playing dynamics in most cases.

I know that expression maps support fp notation, and that some sound libraries come with fortepiano samples, but I’ve been hoping that Dorico would sort it out if the user hadn’t defined them in this manner.

That’s correct, fp and compound dynamics aren’t supported at the moment.

We are of course planning to support these in the future, but there is as yet no support for them.

nod I figured you would, Mr. Spreadbury, yeah. It’s no problem to do it manually (thanks to Dorico’s superb MIDI control graph in the Play tab), but the fewer such edits I have to make, the better, of course. :wink: (That number has dwindled substantially with each update to the software.)

Speaking of MIDI edits, and not to allow this thread to morph too much into another discussion, but is there currently some way to copy control channel values? I often copy the contents of bars in one staff to the bars of another, and it would be nice to have my MIDI CC edits copied over as well.

There isn’t, I’m afraid, currently a way to copy and paste those values. This is something Paul plans to add as soon as is practical to do so.


I’m adding an issue with fortepiano (pf), even if not as compound articulation, because I suspect it is somewhat related. If you prefer I open a different thread, I’ll remove this post.

I’m using VSL Synchronized SE+. The expression map is the one supplied by VSL for Cubase, and adapted by me for Dorico.

Everything works fine. The fp articulation, however, is not found in the articulation line in Play mode. it is in the expression map, and apparently programmed correctly. Maybe Dorico is not considering it a separate articulation?

With NotePerformer, it seems to play fine.


As far as I remember, Dorico doesn’t use the ‘fp’ playback playing technique when playing a combined fp dynamic; but you should be able to see the envelope in the dynamics lane in Play mode.

So, I think this is a custom technique added in the original VSL map.

By looking at the dynamic lane, I can see that Dorico uses dynamics to play ‘sfz’ and ‘fp’. In the case of ‘sfz’, it also selects an articulation in the sound library, but it doesn’t do it for the ‘fp’.



Right. However, you can make a custom playback playing technique and reference that in the Expression map in order to select the correct articulation.

You can either add that in addition to the Dynamic and hide it in the score, OR you can make the playing technique visually identical to the dynamic, and simply use the PT instead of the dynamic.

This sounds like the cleanest way to do it.