Forum activity down since social media...

I heard Dave Pensado also mentioning the forums are going dead even at PT land.

Everyone seems to go the social media way - interaction more suitable maybe there…

Pity though.

Only Gearslutz…but huge noise there.

It’s interesting that you mention this. Sound Devices closed their forum earlier this year and now rely on Facebook.

Personally, I can’t stand the complete disorganization on Facebook. I find this to be a huge step backwards as it’s impossible to find meaningful groupings of topics. Good for maybe posting pics of gear, or for somebody who reads the facebook group 3x a day. For anybody else, it just adds frustration to the search for information. The only mitigating factor, in Sound Devices case, is that they are super responsive with support calls. So for them, I can live with it.


This forum can not be replaced by any other “social media” outlet.

Facebook stinks. Bad.

facebook = fake news

nobody is committing live murders on our forums…

(well perhaps murdering a vocal melody or lead solo, but there are tools for that) :laughing:

Forums forever! :sunglasses:

It’s Interesting Dave noticed this too. I can’t relate to PT, but Gearslutz in general over the past couple years seems to have evolved. While I still read silly posts such as “which EQ is the best” I also read better quality/accurate replies than in the past. Has anyone else noticed this? For example, there is not so many comparisons or “shootouts” between high end converters, limiters, or the great 96/44 sample rate debate. There are less PC vs. Mac debates. Some results don’t end up “better” but instead it’s just a different “flavor.” You get to a point where something either works or doesn’t, or maybe admit to yourself you can’t even hear a difference so now get on with completing the track. What did you really learn today in a forum?

Of course “my DAW sounds different than _____” is great entertainment.

I would like to think it’s a new era as the gear playing field is more accessible to everyone so now the emphasis is on experience. Developers like Waves keep selling packages for peanuts around Christmas. The only way to keep the income flowing is create a demand, and I’m not sure that is completely working as a increased user base learns to use what they got…which often seems to be too many EQ’s or compressors. Instant gratification is always in demand, but the “make a hit” preset is still far away. Forums IMO aren’t helping as much these days.

I remember years ago, simple topics such as how to convert midi to audio. Problems making a Soundblaster work. Or everyone on earth proclaiming the RNC compressor is the best bang for the buck. Everyone was more into the discovery mode and forums flourished.

There will always be hobbyists filling forums to enjoy or admire the tool/instrument, love doing shootouts, and prove the emulation is never as good as the real thing, but I hope for most users, forums is just a tool to achieve an end…a completed track. So once you got something going just do it. Stay off forums and focus on the music?

Wow. You’re really old. :smiley:

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Yes. Back then it was difficult to convince people to buy a MIDI to Audio cable. :smiley:

Forums are more wholesome and complete than the desperate, impatient, hectic world of some social media platforms.

Stay off forums and focus on the music

I sometimes dip back in to forums (not necessarily this one but others where I have more expertise) in between needing answers myself just to look out for those who are struggling like I was when I was beginning. Looking for the dude with no replies and getting them going. Just a way of giving back to the forum. Ebb and flow. Duckworth-Lewis. And so on…

Old enough to pay hundreds for Waves Native Power Pack, and be amused by Steinbergs Neon. :laughing: