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I have mixed feelings about some of the brawls that go on in the lounge, and I’m not innocent of jumping in myself. It can be disruptive and counter-productive but it can also be entertaining and even enlightening. Human nature is complex and safe anonymity can encourage “out of character” behaviour. The mods can find their hands full sometimes, but is banning members the answer? Couldn’t there just be a 7-day “sin bin” or some other cooling-off mechanism? Maybe 30 days for absolute b-stards :slight_smile:

If the ban is permanent, the baby gets chucked out with the bathwater. Useful contributors are no longer around to share their knowledge and experience. Maybe I don’t understand the banning process. Are members banned from specific areas like the lounge, or is it Cubase - wide? Is it permanent or can members be reinstated?

Anyway, it’s gradually getting quieter around here and that’s not necessarily a good thing in my view.

They can come back with other user names and renewed wisdom.
Some topic tittles around here next week just scared me away. I did not predict the banning, but a lot of repetitive crazy tantrums.

Ducks have squabbles all the time, with incessant and loud quacking.

Most of the time, no ducks are harmed during the making of these motion pictures.

I think that solitary ducks who spend too much time festering in their duck caves and avoiding live interaction with other ducks, and not just ducks who quack like them, have difficulty leaving their egos at the door.

It’s not like we’ve never seen that before in musicians and other sundry human endeavors. :wink: :sunglasses:

Monsters from the id.

The lounge is rather quiet since the banning.

I suppose from steinbergs point of view most of the missing characters only really posted in the lounge and or made with cubase. Not much in the way of user support going on in the other sub forums.

I hazard a guess that the banning is only temporary, but as we’ve not had any confirmation then, who knows?

I do think that as the lounge is not visible for non registered users a bit more leeway could of been provided, but then it was fairly obvious that something was going to happen as you could see things spiraling more and more into chaos.

But then I like a bit of chaos.

Time will tell…

I see no change.

Mind you I do notice that whatever it is that has been banned it seems that you daren’t even say it’s name. :mrgreen:

He really must’ve scared the pants off you all.

Don’t be daft…

There “seems” to be a number of people missing… Pw, Zenda to name two

But hey, maybe there on holiday :laughing:

simply the greatest SF movie of all time.
Incredible sound fx considering the year it was done.
Reading the credits I believe it was a husband/wife team that did the sound fx.



But hey, maybe there on holiday > :laughing:

I think Paul Woodlock and Zenda were banned for repeatedly reporting each other on a “hot” thread. :unamused:

I’m not sure how banning works. But I still see their profiles (pictures and all up on different threads). I don’t think any of them have been banned. Plus I think I saw Zenda on last night for a time… unless I’m misunderstanding the way it works.

Anyone who gets a problem sorted are the only winners on the forum. All the rest is idle bullsh. :slight_smile: Sometimes good entertainment though.

Funny you should mention that. I’m working on a screenplay that is a prequel to “Forbidden Planet” that tells the story of how the Krel destroyed themselves with their technology (I’ve also considered just writing a remake to the original, but which has some flashbacks to what happened. For depicting the Krel, we’re talking some heavy “motion-capture” CG, like in Avatar)

right well to me that demands some sort of action especially when “your friends " take over every topic with the argument from a previous topic ( im not here for “click” friendship im here for knowledge” and not piss people off) . Unlike you steve im english and shoot between the eyes and not spray bullets from the hip and don’t give a fuck who you hit.
I see major “clicky” groups on here and friends that are quite content of not giving a shite and hijacking peoples topics then get warned and like you carry on shooting from the hip (and don’t give a fuck who you hit )then yer i reacon you should be banned because you are not bigger then this community !

i’ll argue all night long with you but this is not what this forum is for is it? but lately the cowboys are playing with their guns and like the mac users i would be quite content for a Europe forum so i dont have to see any crap going on. do you see this in the german forum ? NO …UUMMMM let me think i wonder why that is?

ENGLISH speaking Europe forum please !


It has NOTHING to do with what continent you live on. After all, the two chief offenders, myself and Woodlock, live on opposite sides of the world. FWIW, I have resolved to forgo this sort of thing in the future.

twilightsong said

the two chief offenders, myself and Woodlock

That’s open to debate. You and Paul are known for your intelligent contributions as well as off-topic arguments, which can spiral towards the passionate. As far as I’m concerned the Music Lounge is here for us to chew the fat and occasionally find a nice bit of beef (useful information). If I need help I’ll go straight to the relevant Cubase forum. Isn’t that the way it should be?

My thoughts as well. Yes, it’s mainly for music and for non-specific Cubase ideas to fly around, but on occasion other conversations could and will pop up. I don’t see any harm in that, even if there is a debate involved.

People (including me) will slip up with something inappropriate on occasion, but that’s pretty normal. It’s just the ongoing feuds and repeated personal attacks that get a little old after a while.

Aloha t and wonderful to read!

I would be really interested in any work or progress you make on this endeavor.
As I said IMHO this is the finest SF movie ever made.

I even think Leslie Neilson was kool in his role but
then I’m originally from Toronto Canada so a lil bias does creep in :slight_smile:

That had nothing to do with why they were banned

:unamused: back at ya



“:yfc” - Your Favorite Cubaser? :laughing:

I think it’s great, too. I just watched it not long ago (it’s on comcast pay-per-view, or was) and was struck by how intelligent it was. The love story aspect was a bit quanit but it did tie into the overall plot, in that Mobius’ id was trying to destroy any rival(s) for his daughter’s affection.

Remember the part where Mobius suggested that the Krel had weird body shapes, based on the triangular doorways? I’m still debating whether to depict the Krel in this way, which would require a lot of expensive, fakey CG based on motion capture, or depict them as human and provide some sort of rationale for why that particular house had weirdly-shaped doorways, preferably in the form of an in-joke (which I’m sure would infuriate many of the devoted fans of the original :laughing: )