Forum has returned! Phew!

what the hell…down for 5 days? all passwords cleared? this is gonna clear out a lot of unused accounts for sure!

With the imminent release of 7.0.6, I’d hate to imagine what would happen if certain members had nowhere to vent their spleens … heads would explode! :laughing:

I almost went and wrote some music :smiley:

Steady on!
No need for extreme action.

I do not understand why the link between MySteinberg and the forums is gone, but I suppose they had their reasons.

What I don’t like is that the ability to “ignore forums” is still missing… so I have to see a lot of german post that I don’t understand :cry:

Use Google Chrome and it will translate for you on the fly. See what you’ve been missing. :sunglasses:

Yes, good to see it back, I was close to having to do some work as well.

Actually, I’m learning german now, but I only can say: “Hallo, ich heiße distante, Ich kann nicht spreche deutsch” :blush:

The forum was down so long, I had time to learn German.

Ich bin ein Cubaser!! :wink:

Well that was a pain in the a**. Good thing I remembered by old forum name. I changed it a year or so ago. What stinks now is, I can’t change my user name to the onje I have been using for the past year or so, HarveyTitanium.

I am glad the forum is back - I almost ran out of beer :laughing:

Glad to be back online. Nice!

Now a few more days until 7.0.6…

my god there’s day light out there :wink:

had hassle retrieving my account. had to create a new one. i’m now known as Shirley :unamused:

Shirley! You jest.

Nothing of mine carried over. :frowning:

Shirley you can’t be serious!

I thought you were Shirley!

will the REAL Shirley please stand up.