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Hello Pianoleo,

I notice how nice it look your posts on the forum, with the images along with the text. Would you mind sharing how do you go about it? I see that you are using to upload your images.

Thanks a lot,
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If you attach your image to the post as usual and submit.
You can then open your post, select your image link (which takes you to the image).
Copy the web address for that image and return to your post.
Edit your post, and paste the image address between “img” tags.

Submit again.

This still doesn’t work for me. I still get the following message when I try to use this method:

I reported this ( back on the 1st of June, as Derrek knows very well. Moderator -steve- recommended Greenshot further down the same thread (, which I’ve used ever since. The macOS version is not quite as sophisticated as the Windows version, but both work absolutely fine for me and are significantly quicker than the hacky method that Derrek suggested (which, I reiterate, has not worked for me for nearly three months now).

I do not have a dimension problem as long as I keep the image less than 600 pixels pixels in width (although I think the actual limit is 700).
Granted, I am using Windows and generate PNG images (which have a .png extension) via Windows’s included Paint program.

It makes absolutely no odds to me whether I use Windows or Mac, sadly, and I’ve tried a variety of browsers on both machines.
Derrek, I’ve attached an image to this post. Without uploading it again, can you successfully put img tags around the existing image URL?

(I guess so. But I know you are highly capable and do not doubt your experience even though I cannot explain it.
I took your png attachment and pasted it between IMG tags.)

Hello Pianoleo,

I get the same error. Is that too hard to learn the recommended Greenshot by Steve the moderator, and that you said “which I’ve used ever since”? I download the GitHub application and watched a tutorial and it seams an application for programmers to collaborate. Anyway it seams that is not as easy as I thought. I definitely looks great the inline images.

I would appreciate any information about how you go about it.
Thanks a lot

Guitarlos, try downloading from here instead:

I promise it’s easy once you get it set up. Are you Windows or Mac? I’m very happy to help out…

Thank you Pianoleo!

I am on Mac, I guess I go to the Apple Store and download it.

I just download it and have it in my Mac. I also open an account yesterday in


I got it working! I have been able to upload a screen shot to Now I imagine I have to copy the link and post it.

I tried it here but it gave me the error message I am posting below (I am going to remove so that I can send the post):
—>[ img ] [ /img]
This test did not work
check this screenshot:

please let me know what I am missing
thanks a lot

With any luck you’ll find it nice and easy.

Greenshot puts an icon at the top of the screen, and sets global shortcuts (Cmd+Shift+1 for a draggable area, Cmd+Shift+2 for a window and Cmd+Shift+3 for the whole screen).
Then when you use one of those shortcuts a dialog comes up that looks like this:

Click “Edit in Greenshot” - bear in mind you can tick the box below - this will save you a step every time you take a screenshot in future.
Then an image editor will appear.

From there the most important function is Edit > Resize (or Cmd+R). This forum will only accept images that are under 700 pixels wide, so set width to 700 and hit OK.

Then if you like you can use the buttons at the top to add text, draw circles around things, highlight etc.
When you’re happy hit this button:

A web browser window will open with your image uploaded to

Put your mouse over the little arrow in the top right corner of your image, and you’ll see a dropdown menu.

Click “Get Share Links”

Then simply paste (Cmd+V) the link into your forum post.

Can I get an award for the most meta post ever? :wink:

Oh man!!!
Pianoleo, you are great.
I definitely think that “you deserve the best award for the most meta post ever!”
What a great tutorial!

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me this great feature that will make my posts look easier to read and to express by having this inline image feature. This is very easy and functional way to do it. After doing a test already in a preview post I agree with you and Steve, the moderator, that this is the best way to go.

No problem at all. Hopefully other people will find it useful too.

Thanks for these instructions - I’ve always wondered how to do it…

Dear Derrek, this is quite a while later… In the mean time we use new forum software and the button isn’t there of course. Is there an easy way to display pictures inline now too? I couldn’t find anything about it. Help very welcome.

You can now literally just copy and paste a screenshot! It’s much, much easier than before.

There’s a step in the user tutorial that demonstrates this I believe - you can also just drag an image from your explorer/finder window into the reply box.

Thank you Lillie and Dan,
this is exactly what I did (drag the picture into the reply text), but the image does not display inline, at least in my browser:

Solved! I had deleted the preceding exclamation mark - which leads to the image not being displayed:

Haydn ornament

do not delete the preceding exclamation mark!