Forum policy for trial-version users


I’ve switched from Logic Pro to Cubase recently, after having spent a month with the Cubase 6 Trial Version and realizing that it was more suited to my way of working.

During the trial period it was impossible for me to post or reply in this forum, as the trial license was limiting me to the “Welcome to Steinberg” forum. The single, specific and very detailed question I posted there received a quick reply which I deemed to be beside the point. The thread then went silent. I only managed to get an answer to my question after contacting Steinberg directly by mail.

I now have a full Cubase 6 license so I don’t really mind anymore, but I do think that professionals with a serious interest in this platform should be able to dialog with real users of the software during the trial period. This forum seems to be the best place for an experienced user and possible future customer to ask the kind of very technical questions that usually come up when seriously considering a DAW switch.

Just my 2c.