Forum Problem

Why is the Steinberg website sooooo sloooowwww. Couldn’t get on to the forum tonight. Not my internet connection cos everything else was fast. Have Steiny got a problem with their server?

(happens all the time to me too… been going on for months, even with the old forum).

It is slow here at times also.
I can’t log on between 7:00-7:30 pm EST most of the time.

yeah same here. Its happening right now to be fair. often late at night. takes ages to load pages or else wont load pages & for extended periods of time. been trying to post this for ages…

Very annoying!

The big question here is of course why this wasn’t posted in the “Forum issues”-section! :wink:

Should be moved.

I started a thread about topic this in the “Forum issues”
section of the board on St Paddy’s Day.

Didn’t go very far.

The gist was, that’s the way it is. Maybe a mod will let us know what’s going on?

I thought it would get better given time but performance
seems to be going the other way.


Yes should be moved. I brought this up in a thread in the forum issues catagory some time ago, and many other users are having the same problems.

Wasn’t posted in the Forums section, cos no-one in admin would read it!!!