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This feels like a dumb question but when I’m returning to topics I’ve already read but which have new entries, is there something I can select which will take me to the last post I read? Clicking on the subject just takes me to the top and I have to wade through the responses I’ve already read to find where I left off during the last visit. Not a big deal but it would be handy.

Do you see the “First unread post” link at the top of the thread?

I’ve never noticed that… upper right. Thanks for pointing this out.


Also, the small icon to the left of the subject heading will take you there. Hover over it to see the tip.

Thanks, Steve. I hadn’t noticed that before, either.
@ dbudde: I saw the icon telling me that I have unread posts but clicking it does nothing (on my system).

See image
this icon.png

I was wondering the same thing about this forum. I can never figure out what I’ve seen or what I’ve not seen.

I don’t see the “First unread post” anywhere.

I also don’t see the little icon.

Could it possibly be because I’m blocking ads? Would that interfere? What about privacy settings? (I am logged in – that much I can tell. :slight_smile: )

I’m using Firefox 49.0.2 on Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite).

Ah! That helps! I thought I was supposed to look above or to the side of the thread’s title after I had clicked on the thread in the list. Thanks!

I just wish I could click on the thread in the list and have the unread posts somehow be marked as unread.

Look at the big circle icon to the left… Unread posts are red, read posts are blue.

“First unread post” is on the right side of the thread’s title, as you can see on the picture, above the first author of the thread. Hope it helps !
Capture d’écran 2016-11-10 à 19.10.20.jpg

Unread posts are red,
read posts are blue…

…so I can see clearly
when I’m talking to you?


Thanks to all and especially to John for the poem!

Thank you!