Forum Request: Add "Mac" and "Windows" tags to "optional tags" options

This would help when people are trying to find answers to tech questions. I don’t know anything about windows but I do know about the Mac.

It would make it easier to have an idea of the users environment before replying with “what os are you using”.

You could also add tags for OS versions as well, but I’d settle for just the basics.


Yrs ago on this Forum, Mac and Windows users had their own separate forum, but Steinberg in all their wisdom decided to combine them into one with the result we have today.
I use both platforms but much preferred the separate forum that it used to be.
I quite often don’t reply to some questions here because I’m not sure what OS they are using and can’t be bothered to ask :slightly_frowning_face: , laziness on my part I guess, I should do better I think.