Forum searching: custom Google Search provider method not working?

I’m trying what appears to be the very nifty method of searching just this forum with Google, that is mentioned in the pinned forum guidelines post. Unfortunately, it’s giving me hits from other forums as well. Does the procedure need to be updated? Has anyone got this to work?
Note that I tried it manually too, using the “site:url” syntax - no luck there either.


Sometimes with this method I get hits for other Steinberg sites like the Cubase forum; but that’s about it. I just ignore those, most of the time, but I haven’t tried to eliminate them.

It’ll probably work better when I use queries that actually do pertain strongly to Dorico - I’m using very generic search terms, to test it out. It’s failing miserably.

That would seem to be an issue for Google rather than Steinberg.

Probably, yes. However, Steinberg created the (very useful) procedure on how to set it up, so at the very least, they could consider adding a note that it’s not currently working, or if someone clever can get it to work, update the procedure etc etc. I never knew about that technique - very handy.