Forum UI - what?

What is up with this new Steinberg white forum background. What was the UI designer thinking? Makes the key parts of the page stand out less and the lack of contrast/color makes it harder to read.


Sorry, I meant this Steinberg discourse forum UI not Dorico itself.

Dan is also talking about this Discourse forum.

Ah gotcha thanks. A bit better, but this UI is still really awful with lack of colors for contrast. The pics of thread participants seem to jump out with more color than anything else, and no offense, but it’s distracting and the least important part of the page! Was Steinberg bargain hunting when shopping for message forums?

To each their own. I love it.

Me too. Also, it doesn’t get much more contrasty than black text on a white background, lol.

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In the end it’s just a forum…


As a technical writer and technical writing instructor at Humber College in Toronto, trust me when I tell you that the font choice is absolutely wrong!!! The developers used a serif font where they should have used a sans serif font. Reason: Serif fonts are difficult to resolve because despite the advances in computer graphic resolution, we’re still far from the quality resolution of printed material.

Developers, stop thinking you know what’s best for users and consult an expert. Change the serif fonts to a sans serif font. If you need help, you know how to contact me.


Practically all computers with integrated displays now have high pixel density displays that are perfectly well capable of rendering serif fonts legibly. There are no new mobile phones, tablets, or computers in Apple’s current range, or in Microsoft’s current range, that have 72 or 96 dpi screens; iOS devices typically have pixel per-inch (ppi) values above 300ppi, and none are lower than 132ppi. Microsoft’s Surface computers are all above 250ppi (the current Surface 7 is 267ppi). All of this is to say that at most normal reading distances the appearance of serif text on a high pixel-density display should be more or less indistinguishable from paper.

However, we do welcome the feedback on the choice of font used here on the forum, and we don’t rule out the possibility of changing the typeface in the future.

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I agree. IMO, names, as used in the old forums, are much more useful.

Not an effective use of color, UI 101 but to each his own. Am just glad Dorico and Cubase don’t look like this.

I personally vastly prefer serif fonts. I find sans serifs to be utterly lacking in character. The font here causes me no issues, even on my 5 year old pre-retina iMac.

Are the thread titles bold? They seem too pronounced for me.

[quote]Practically all computers with integrated displays now have high pixel density displays that are perfectly well capable of rendering serif fonts legibly.
And yet, the vast majority of effective and usable websites still use sans serif fonts. You can expound all you want about how well modern devices resolve serif fonts but the fact is there is still a huge gap between online and printed format resolutions. The gap is closing but we’re not there yet.

Rendering serif fonts has been an ongoing task since the days of Windows 3.0. All I’m saying is sans serif fonts are still easier to read than serif fonts on modern day computer screens - no matter what the device or your personal preference

I don’t see why this has to be such a huge debate! If we’re talking about some deep theory about how Cubase works, then Dom or some other authority about DAW technology is the person we need to listen to. If we’re talking about website usability, personal preference to serif fonts is just that, a “preference.” It doesn’t mean it’s right. To date, the vast majority of online material is far more usable when presented with sans serif fonts.

Sidebar I see the quote tags don’t work on this site???

I agree with the OP. The contrast is too high. The whole look is too stark. In general I much preferred the previous forum format and overall look, and the more muted colors. I also agree with those who say the avatar icons are too prominent.

Just my three cents. (More than two though.)

They just work a little differently. I would have to type the image below to get the quote above, although it’s much easier to select what I want to quote, then hit the Quote tab that appears.

Here’s a list of some common Markdown features too.

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You can do as I do and sign up to get everything as email. This saves a lot of time. You can click to visit the topic, and easily delete the messages that do not interest you. I learn much more about Dorico’s wrinkles this way.


I disagree, Lee. For me, sans serif fonts are so 20th century. They either look like Gill or Helvetica, or something even more ugly and dreary!

I have no difficulty in reading decent avec serif fonts on computer, phone or tablet and use Courier New for emails, although another font is substituted when they get to the forum.


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Select the part of the post you want to quote, and then click Reply, and the quote will be taken care of for you.