Forum UI - what?

I recommend you go to your user profile and try out one of the other provided colour schemes, of which there are several.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, I’ve found that setting the font size to “Smaller” gives a better overall page. The default was a bit too spaced out for me.

I’m glad you know better than even my own personal preferences and experience! I guess the team better hire you so you can fix all our woes.

I agree with Romanos. Don’t you (@Lee_Batchelor) think it’s a bit presumptuous to claim that you know what everyone here prefers or to propound Absolute Truths™ like ‘sans serif fonts are still easier to read than serif fonts’, or to offer your invaluable services to the poor people at Steinberg who obviously know little about creating a good UI?

Sorry I brought it up.

There’s some really ignorant stuff being written in this thread: all kinds of rubbish scrawled by people who know nothing about typography and nothing about typefaces beyond the fonts that they happen to have found installed on their computers.

I think Daniel’s post above does a really good job of explaining why sans serif fonts were necessary on screen when a display of 72 ppi was the norm, as well as saying that with the high resolution screens we’re used to seeing now,