Forum unresponsive in Chrome on Windows 10

For the last several days, when I go to the forum in Chrome (via a bookmark), the entire page does not respond to mouse clicks. (I’m using Opera to post this!). No scrolling, no clicking on topics, no response at all…

I updated to the latest Chrome Version 105.0.5195.127 with no resolution.

Is anyone else having the same problem?


If you’re running extensions, it would be a good idea to try disabling them and then seeing if that allows the forum to work properly. If it does, try re-enabling half of them to see if that reintroduces the problem. If not, re-enable the other half, and look again. If it is an extension causing the problem, you should be able to pin it down reasonably quickly.

Thanks for the quick response, Daniel!

UPDATE - it was Adblocker (even when I disabled blocking for



I don’t use Chrome these days, but I understand that ad blocking is about to get much more difficult in Chrome due to some changes Google are making to the extensions API. You might want to do some reading about that. In the meantime, I think the best-regarded ad blocking extension (across all major browsers) is still uBlock Origin: