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Today I logged on to a new forum (Peavey) and low and behold it uses the phpBB application the we used to have here. What a pleasure it is to use. Very simple to use, clear, uncluttered, un-bloated and intuitive. It displays more posts at a time than the present Steinberg forum, shows participants’ signatures automatically without having to search for them and does not start flickering on my Android tablet when I scroll a thread that has more than a few lines in it!
These are just some of the reasons I rarely post on or even look at the Steinberg forums anymore.

See vid:
I would like to upload a video here to illustrate the issue but it will not accept a .MOV and I can not make a .GIF that is small enough to be loaded (29.7 kb is the smallest I can get it and still show the problem).

I felt exactly like you did for the first week or so of the new forum.

Then I realized I needed to configure this forum so it would show me only what I wanted to see. Once that happened this forum became 1000% better than the old one. On the old forum you have to go to a bunch of different locations looking for the new stuff in each one of them. Here it just appears kind of like an in-box in one place where I can easily scan which posts I’ve read and how many replies since then. It’s both faster and easier to use.

The Search capabilities here are vastly superior to the old forum, which makes it easier to link to other relevant threads. And the ease in posting screenshots really enhances the quality of the replies, making them more informative.

I’d hate it if we went back to that old style forum. And I know a lot of other regulars agree. It takes a bit to get used to how this forum works. But once you do, it works so much better.

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The Peavy forum looks like the old SB forum. No thanks for me!

I totally agree with Raino.

I would hate to go back.

Copy and pasting images from something like Win 10 Snip & Sketch is just ridiculously easy on this new forum, and it makes it so much easier to seek or offer help.

Had my doubts at first also, but really like it now. I get that it’s not for everyone though, as it’s a little non-traditional approach compared to previous messageboard designs.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you chaps like the new(ish) forum, but I find it too complicated. Whenever I go online I mostly use my Android tablet so the flickering text I mentioned in the OP makes many posts illegible. This does not happen on my Win-10 PC so it must be some incompatibility between the forum app and Android. In any event, I think I’ve reached the age where I can’t be bothered spending time scrolling through loads of posts every day and I honestly feel better not doing it. Not getting along with the new forum seems have helped push me in that direction. Furthermore, given that VST2 is being abandoned by Steinberg soon, it is possible that I might not even upgrade Nuendo, Wavelab and Halion anymore. They work for me now so I don’t want to run the risk that all the VST2 plugins I currently have will become useless overnight. I am also fearful that moving to newer software versions that use the new soft licensing system may well cause me unknown problems in the future.

I’ve been with Steinberg since the Pro-24 days and despite all the above negativity I have been/am a loyal fan although Timo knows that some fairly recent enhancements to Nuendo have definitely not been in my interests.

That’s actually one of the things I really like about this forum - it currently takes me about 1/3 to 1/2 the time to scroll through posts as it did on the old forum. Huge time saver. But to each their own.