Forward compatibility from older versions of Cubase


I have a pretty old version of Cubase (Studio 4) and am looking to buy a newer version, potentially Cubase Artist 12. Can anybody tell me if I’ll be able to open my old projects with Artist 12 or at least import some of the files across to new projects created using it.

Projects from Cubase Studio 4 can be opened directly in Cubase Artist 12.

I strongly recommend backing up your old projects and keeping that backup indefinitely, because if you open an old project in a newer version of Cubase and save it again (thus overwriting the original) you’ll not be able to open it in the original older version Cubase again.

Thanks. I think I would have always kept a backup copy, but it’s good to hear that this the best thing to do from someone who knows more about it than I do.

Studio 4 is on my old laptop, which I’ve just replaced, so I’ll be installing Artist 12 on my new one. I’ll copy the files across to there and leave the originals on the other laptop.

Many thanks.