Fostex X-15 Cassettes Transfer - Best Approach

Another question (refer to Fostex X-15 Cassettes Transfer - Cubase - Steinberg Forums if you want to know what I mean by “Another” :slight_smile: ).

What’s the best approach to this task? Seeing as I can control volume on the Fostex, on the E-MU and within Cubase, what approach should I take?

Max out the Fostex, then make sure it’s not clipping on the E-MU then set the levels in Cubase? Or is a better approach to get the maximum levels I can in Cubase then limit the input signal from the E-MU and/or the Fostex?

Always get the best (hottest) possible signal in the analog domain. With 4-track tape your pretty safe regarding unsuspected transients, so yeah, max out the Fostex and set the E-mu analog input gain as high as possible without clipping. Just record this signal in Cubase without touching input gains or whatever. Make sure to record to a 24-bit file.

A tip for alignment later (I believe you transfer 2 of 4 at a time): Get a high transient sound (like a handclap or such) at the start of all 4 tracks of the same recording; this will make alignment in Cubase much, much easier.

Arjan, once again, YTM. TVM.