Fouled up system

After a failed windows 10 update - finally solved after a full system reinstall, I had to reinstall Cubase Artist 8.5, Halion 6 and separately purchased samplers (Dark Planet etc)., together with samples already used on previous projects. I had saved the samples on a separate backup drive before reinstall. I now get messages on startup and opening a project that say samples are missing (about 50 of them - I hadn’t the patience to count but couldn’t find the first few on the system or on my backup). It is possible that some of these have been installed into the wrong addresses on my pc, or that the samples I used were from earlier versions of Halion SE still sitting on my system, for which the license is no longer valid. Any ideas would be welcome, but I will admit I am thinking it is best to resort to the nuclear option, and clear anything from my system which references Cubase or Steinberg, and install from scratch Cubase 10 and Absolute 4 as upgrades. What I absolutely (!) don’t want to do is go through another reinstall of windows 10 first.