Found Location of User-saved FX Chain Presets on PC

On the PC the location of the User-saved FX Chain presets is:

C:\Users\Joey\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets

Of course substitute your name for mine (Joey).

Or you could do a search for “.fxchainpreset” to determine the location.

I mention all this because I want to send my brother (another Cubase 7.5 user) my Insert Settings for the Bass Guitar “SR PBassSXPicked” in Halion. I haven’t sent him the file yet but it looks like I can simply insert the file in an email to him. Then he can place it in the same folder. Hopefully it will become available to him (given he has the same plugins).

Any thoughts on this?

I think quite a few people will appreciate this post re the location of the files.
To expand a bit - if PC users go into windows explorer and use the search box in the top right hand corner, you can select filters. If I’m ever looking for something (such as preset locations), I’d create a preset and then search for all files created using today’s date. seems simple, but it also gives you an idea where files are stored so that you can back up your presets (something often forgotten)
Can’t see a problem with emailing your preset as long as you have the same insert effects, but I’ve never tried it.
Nice website BTW - enjoy your Sabbath
Neil B


You’re welcome and Thanks for the replies. Yes you’re right Neil. Good idea. That’s a great way to locate the fx chain file and other user-saved presets). BTW thanks for visiting our site. In turn I just got back from your SoundCloud site. My fav is “Pick Me Up Again” - great sound!

Update: I sent the .fxchainpreset to my brother. He was able to load it into his Bass track and get the same result. This was possible of course because he had the same plugins on his DAW.

I’d hope that in the next version or so we can store everything in the SB Cloud in the sky… (on there servers)

All these strange directories are very bizarre to me

I agree BB. Although I haven’t looked into it, it would be awesome to begin sharing our presets with each other. Perhaps there is already a place to do this? If not, we should prompt Steinberg to start one or start one ourselves.


Yw. I enjoy the camaraderie and support from the people on this forum.
Merry Christmas !