Found stash of Waves Plugins.

Back in 2012, a Cubase-using friend gave me his old beat up laptop with Cubase 5 on it when he upgraded. I forgot about it years ago until today, when I was looking through one of my external hard drives that contains the hard drive of that old laptop. There is a folder called ‘Waves Plug-ins’ that contains .dll files of quite a few Waves plugins.

I opened Cubase (8.5) and in the plugin manager, routed the path to this folder, but they don’t show up. I also deleted the blacklist file which didn’t work either. I should also note that when I boot Cubase up, I can see their names being initialized, so something is happening at least.

They also appear in the Vst2xPlugins XML document.

Maybe I’m overlooking something very simple, any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

Waves plug ins run in a shell, this is called something like WaveShell-VST.dll, and this is protected (in 2012) by an iLok key,

so without the iLok, it isn’t going to work. Nowadays, Waves does not use the hardware iLok, but if you are not the registered owner with Waves, then you cannot transfer the licence.