Found two bugs/issues...


I’d really appreciate a separate sub-forum for reporting actual, “not working as intended” bugs and leave the general forum for user/admin support.

Until that time, here are two things I noticed:

  1. When the Hub opens initially, the “Window” menu is offset, and blocking the rest of the menu items to the right. If I open a score and then open the Hub, it’s fine.

  2. “Option” windows do unfortunately not exhibit the handy “snapping” feature that Windows 10 has…


No nagging intended, but is anybody else seeing this?

Are you able to post a screenshot of #1?

Dorico is based on the Qt framework and may not respond to the Windows 10 snapping features. I have to admit I’m on a Mac at the moment, so am unable to verify that one way or another right now.

I see the same thing – all the menus drop down beneath the menu item to the right, but for some reason the Window menu drops down from a slightly higher position (about half-a-character higher), so it hides the other. I can’t take a screen shot of it because the moment I hit another key (the prtscr key) to take a screen shot, the Window menu closes so I can’t show you.

I’m on Win10(home).

Perhaps you could take a photograph of your monitor and upload that? :slight_smile:

More recent version of Windows have something called the Snipping Tool which should allow you to take a timed screenshot. That way you have a few seconds to get in position before the screenshot is taken.

I discovered this awesome tool:


I hadn’t seen a reply on this, here you go!


Thanks for taking the time to capture that behaviour. It certainly looks odd.

Just so we get a sense of priority for you - is it preventing you from doing something at the moment?

Not sure if that is a bug. The problem with the window dropdown is vertically pretty extensive and I think Windows places it higher so that all the menu points fit on the screen, I can replicate that behavior but as soon as I drag the main window a little higher on the screen, it works normally…

Interestingly enough, today the Window drop-down menu is behaving itself quite nicely, not covering the menu items to the right. Very curious!

What ?
After years when we’ll finally get rid of this Quicktime “infection” on PC in Cubase/Nuendo, it seems that you’re bringing back Apple references/dependencies to the Windows platform !

I figured it out – if I enlarge the Hub window the Window menu drops down just fine because it fits. If the Hub window is at the normal size it opens, then the Window menu hits the bottom of the window and the top gets pushed a bit higher. As a matter of fact I can get all the menus to act like that if I simply pull the Hub window down to the bottom of the screen and make it smaller. So I’m not so sure it’s a bug – more like that’s the way drop-down menus are supposed to behave so the bottom of the menu doesn’t run off the bottom of the screen.

Qt has nothing to do with the Quicktime music and video players, or Apple. See

I thought it was an abbreviation.
I was so shocked that I didn’t realize that it couldn’t have anything to do with the UI.
I feel better (um… and stupid).
Thanks for the info Rob.

No, it does not! Thanks for asking… :slight_smile: (y)