Four (4) days (now 3) to go until update time

I am anticipating a ground up, re-designed workflow, integrated tool-set and an unparalleled focus on creativity, satisfying the needs of the amateur hobbyist and demands of studio professionals alike.

Meh, I’d just be happy with a few bug fixes, particularly those concerning the resizing of the mixer.

My glass is half full and I think 7.0.6 is going to be the one to swing even the most anti- new mixer users over to the new work flow :wink:

I know the most anti- new mixer user, but he got banned from the forum :open_mouth:
Don’t think 7.0.6 will turn him over :confused:

Hey, we finally agree on something. I too think they will focus on marketing bullshit, and completely ignore actual usability issues with the product. :laughing:

I actually thought about this after posting.

Where I said “unparalleled” I should have said unprecedented, as creativity is unlocked by the potential of the software, which offers unparalleled performance and a rich set of high-end features and tools, enabling your media productions to be realized.

Have you met Emotive/Brains?

looks like all reincarnations are here today , me ( filterfreak ) , better man ( bredo ) and fartguy ( brains or that cat fella ) :laughing: :laughing:

Ive just got a funny feeling 7.0.6 is going to rock !

Yeah. Rock Bottom :wink:

Reincarnations who???

Phhttt…you can make good music without Cubase and be 'art’ful :astonished: .

Mauri :wink:

When it comes to MIDI, the superior editing functions of the onboard sequencer will allow your personal creativity to flow like no other software in existence. As your arrangements take shape, coupled with a vast array of sonic textures, your ideas are presented in an awe inspiring way.

Artguy you lookin for a job in Steinyville? Your copywriting is quite good actually.



Is there video to go along with that! :wink:

I hope the installation is flawless… The last update was a straight PITA w/some installs :nerd:

I am not an expert but it may be more appropriate to say:

…the onboard sequencer will allow your creativity to flourish…

but yes, on the whole the software is able to make your ideas shine, and inspire awe in those who use it or are subject to its awesome power.