Four-channel routing error in 10.0.10

I have a four-channel montage with the four outputs designated as Lf, Rf, Ls, Rs. These should be routed, according to my connections matrix, to ASIO1, 2, 3, 4. Only LF and Rf are correctly linked. On experimenting, I find that the Ls and Rs outputs are routed according to the settings in the routing matrix for C and LFE, which of course are the third and fourth channels in the routing list.

I presume this is a result of refactoring the code for future more general multichannel use. :wink:

Was this montage created in WaveLab 9.5 or 10?

To understand better this issue, I would need to see the settings of each of your tracks:

But also this:

This was with a new montage; but opening an old one I get the same.

Montage properties:

Routing Matrix:

Track 1 dispatching:

Tracks 2, 3, and 4 are similar, but routed to Rf, Ls, Rs respectively.

Channels active in output (display from E-MU PatchMix):

So, the channels designated Ls and Rs are being output where C and LFE should be going (ASIO 3 & 4 instead of 5 & 6). The routing is not following the names, but the sequence number of the channels, because these are the third and fourth channels in the four-channel montage.

On your second picture, asio out 3 and 4 are routed to Center / LFE and not Ls / Rs.
You should change that, no?

Originally I had ASIO 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4 in the routing table, and then the Ls and Rs channels went to ASIO 5, 6 (alongside C, LFE) instead of 3, 4 (alongside Ls, Rs).

So I just did another experiment. I specified “unused” for C and LFE (so the table read ASIO 1, 2, unused, unused, 3, 4); then my four output channels went to the four specified ASIO channels as required. But I previously (in 9.5) had C, LFE specified as ASIO 5, 6 because sometimes I had a six-channel montage - and there was no need to keep changing the routing for different montages because the audio followed the channel name, not just the order.

Now, for my part, I have no interest in these channel names, as they are meaningless for my audio; not least the signals have different meanings at the input to the montage and at the output, because a VST has done ambisonic matrixing on them in between. If in the future the routing works without them (the names) I will be just as happy. Indeed, I am happy enough now that I can see how it’s working in the present code. I raised the matter because (a) if someone else is relying on the routing working as it used to, they could also get caught out, and (b) if in the future you retain the different naming schemes for the various DVD schemes with the same number of channels, it needs to work again as before.

Though honestly I’d do it entirely differently… I would simply route the n channels of the montage/multichannel file to the destinations specified in the first n entries of the routing table. Different DVD channel naming schemes (required for the loudspeaker mask) could be specified on top of that without changing the routing. Of course, it may even be that you are in the process of changing over to that arrangement, and that I’ve just caught you out in the middle of the alterations!

So I just did another experiment. I specified “unused” for C and LFE (so the table read ASIO 1, 2, unused, unused, 3, 4);

Interesting. I will have to investigate this case.