Four eighth notes to a tuplet

I’m new to Dorico. I need to know how to write 4 eighth notes in one tuplet for one beat. I know how to write 3 eighth notes in a tuplet but can’t figure out what to do for four. If you have an idea, I’d appreciate your help. Thank you.

All tuplets are entered in the form of a ratio n:m (n notes in the space of m notes) with an optional qualifier to say what the base note length is (q=quarter, e=eighth etc.).

So if you want to have 4 eighths in the space normally occupied by 3 eighths you would put 4:3e in the tuplets popover.

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Likewise, 4 8th notes in the space of 2 would be 4:2e in the popover.

I did mot know about the q and e qualifiers. That’s great.

I’m not sure how you’d write 3 on 1/16 or 1/32, but that’s a pretty weird scenario.

16=x, 32=y, 64=z.
So 7:4y is 7 32nds in the space of 4 32nds.


Thanks to all of you! So helpful!!

Perfect! It worked great!! Thank you so much.