Fourfold repetition. (1) (2) (3&4)

I would like to insert a fourfold repetition. (1) (2) (3&4).
With the Dorico set I only get the division 1 (2&3) (4) - but the last bracket should be double.
Which setting am I missing?
(At the moment I have the workaround that I write down (1) (2) (3), then insert “repeat 2x” as text).

Welcome to the forum. These are for repeat endings?

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Is there a difference between the German and the English Dorico-Version?
I can’t find “Times played for…”

It isn’t “Ender der linie”?

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No - that’s “End of line” (open short / … / closed)

It might be because you have all the segments selected, so it is hidden. Select just one ending segment to edit it.

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How would this be possible?
If I click the last segment, all segments are selected automatically.

You need to be in Engrave mode. This is one of few things where the mode doesn’t really correspond to the functionality.


YEEEEEES!!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
This solved the problem!

Thank you so much!

Oops, I forgot to include that detail, sorry. Glad you got it solved.

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