Fourteen Staff MS Paper

I tried in (some) vain to make a template of manuscript paper. I managed a little, but I cannot for the life of me do this to completion. I followed the prompts and chats here. I have attached my document–cannot get rid of the additional material other than the page. Any thoughts?
MSPAPER.dorico (433.6 KB)

Have you read the manual?

[Your project is 4.3. Not sure if 4.3 supports that. Well worth upgrading if you can afford it - so many new powerful features.]

Yes, totally read this. I made the blanks but cannot rid myself of some meddlesome other pages.

MSPAPER.dorico (846.2 KB)

I made several changes. Make sure to:

  • edit your master pages to make them blank except for a music frame; don’t use page overrides
  • don’t use page template changes or flow header changes of any kind, no need
  • don’t show flow headers
  • you can use an invisible clef
  • hide unwanted rests
  • I set the dashed barline length to 0, not sure if it’s the “correct” way, but I use this trick a lot for invisible barlines

THANK YOU so much Dan!