fp and sfz playback in 3.1

I am working with dorico 3.1 with a VSL-Plugin. I have made a test expression map, just with “natural”, “fp” and “sfz”. The VSL-player switches “natural” and and “sfz” correctly (and these playing techniques are shown in dorico’s playing technique line, but with “fp” there is no action.
For both “fp” and “sfz” in the dynamics line there are shown the dynamic points made by dorico.
So, what I would expect would be that dorico (1) recognizes both “fp” and “sfz” and (2) does not write its internal dynamic points: This would be a doubling.

Dorico doesn’t currently map ‘fp’ to a playing technique for an expression map, though we can consider that for the future.

I’ve just tried a test score that uses a sfz mapping in the expression map and it does what I would expect - it outputs the correct keyswitch but doesn’t change the dynamic level. Can you attach a minimal example that shows the behaviour you’re describing?

I have included my test score. The first fp is a dynamic; it is processed by dorico; there is no switch to the the expression map.
The second fp is a custom playing technique I created and mapped to the corresponding expression map. It switches correctly but—as in the case of the sfz—dorico creates its own dynamics additionally.
Test sfz fp.dorico.zip (541 KB)

playing fp appropriately needs additional recording (=sampleing). It seems not to be easy.
Of course, expensive sample instruments support this. However, there is no standard protocol for the control of fp in MIDI as far as I remember.

However, sfz, sf, rfz could be simply implemented by mapping them to f, ff or fff (if possible related to the dynamic markings before/after of the note).

Hi, I just ran into the same problem. If possible, any chance you could consider mapping sfz and sffz to playing techniques for future updates? Thank you and best wishes!