Fp questions

Hi all, here three questions regarding fp (as an example) :

say I have a long note of two bars long and an fp on the beginning of this note.

  • How to get a crescendo (hairpin) just on the second bar?

  • The cresc. to go till ff, but this ff should show at the end of the second bar. Not the beginning of the third bar. How is this to be done?

  • How can I get the fp played back with Noteperformer?

Thanks for all feedback, Stefan

When you’re entering the dynamic, make sure you are using the caret for note input (key command is Shift-N). You can then start/stop the dynamics at whatever place you like.


If you need to lengthen/shorten dynamics e.g. move a crescendo back one rhythmic grid position, select the dynamic and press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-Alt/Opt-left arrow to shorten (or right arrow to lengthen).

In your case:

  • Start note input (Shift-N)
  • navigate to where you want the fp, press Shift-D (dynamics popover), type fp and press Enter
  • navigate to the second bar or wherever you want the hairpin to start, press Shift-D, type < and press Enter
  • navigate to final rhythmic position of the bar, press Shift-D, type ff and press Enter

Excellent! Thanks @DanielMuzMurray!

If anyone also has an idea regarding Note Performer playback, please let me know!