[FR] 3 offline processing requests

Three more feature requests concerning offline-processing:

a) It would be great if you could see if an event is already containing an offline process. Just a small red dot or something like this…?

b) Direct access to the last effect! When using offline processing a lot, you also have to use the process history a lot. But (in my experiences) mostly you just want to change the settings of your last processing. So why not having a direct access to your last effect dialog? Perhaps via right-click? Right now, opening the history, then selecting the last process and then clicking “change” is just a view clicks too much, just for changing the last settings you´ve made (…I really use this long procedure every few minutes during sound design…).

c) Pre-listen when changing the settings of the last process in history! As I mentioned this has to be done very very often, and I think this should be possible? I understand, why this isn´t doable for older processes, but for the last step it probably should work?

You got me dreaming on something like a offline process lane, where offline processes stack up like cycle markers on marker tracks…