FR: a sampler (please, seriously)

If there was ONE thing I’d add to Cubasis - it’s a sampler.

I seriously need one…

I mean, IAA and Audiobus are nice, but reopening a project usually is a big mess, because all the settings are gone, etc…

So if we could just sample the sounds we create in external synthesizers and have it all in the program itself…


Tx16Wx vsti from CWITEC ?
It’s free, it’s stable, it is maintained, it has a lot of functions, it’s 64 bit, …

kind regards,

Please read the whole request. :slight_smile:


thanks for your ideas and requests… :sunglasses:


Ricardo, I often find myself using Caustic instead of Cubasis, because Caustic has a sampler… makes a major difference.

No need to be snappish - a sampler is not a big deal, but a very necessary feature.



I did not want to sound offended or anything… your idea is a good one and I have put on our future list.


Oh, ok, then I’m REALLY sorry.

I thought you were making fun of the request - but, believe me, this would REALLY help a lot.

Most often, WHEN I wish for a feature in Cubasis, then it is the sampler.

I could do so many amazing things with it… for example record an external app via Audiobus or IAA and then create a multisample from it.

Or record some stuff in the kitchen (like I do with Caustic at the moment) and turn it into a percussion kit.

What I need is:

  • Multisampling, with layering (4 layers would be enough)
  • Standard synthesizer features (filter, 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs)

Of course, PLEASE, some kind of “I can use whatever I recorded, trim it, and put it into a sample slot”.

Low CPU usage like the micro sonic would also be great.

Sampler in Cubasis with Multisampling, layering, Standard synthesizer features (filter, envelopes, LFOs).
It is my dream :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A proper sampler is needed, one on the level of Cubase Drum Sampler.