[FR] A simple click to allow the display of several sections

Hi all,

Not a biggie, but still… Using the sections display in the inspector, you have to do a ctrl+click to expand several sections at the same time. Not really practical when you have, let’s say, a guitar in hands and in need to open both the Equalizers and Channel ones. And yes, I know, there are key commands for this, but you have to set different ones for each section at disposal : not sure that I will remember exactly each of them when needed, this, while precising that they should all consist of a single key stroke to be efficient.

So, I suggest that a simple click could open/close any section, no matter if there are others already expanded, leaving the Ctrl+click combination for a single section display.

This was my workflow feature request of the day… :nerd:

Hi, Bredo

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, it is useful to proceed like that : I just defined the key ‘²’ for this, as there are not a lot of single keys left, even by default. In the Channel Edit window, you can customize what you want to be displayed and even make a preset of the selection.

Fine, but there are two limitations : the ‘Quick controls’ and ‘Notepad’ sections aren’t available in it. And I use them both frequently, well, at least the first one. So, I think my suggestion would still be an improvement, as I feel it like a more natural/intuitive way to proceed. But I admit that the Channel Edit window workaround is a good solution for any audio/MIDI task.

and even better, methinks: introduce user defineable Inspector presets for different sets of sections to be opened. For instance, preset 1 could be Track Info, Channel and Notepad open, and clicking preset 2 gets you to only Inserts, EQ curve and Sends open.

Hey, that’s great! Something to learn about this program every day… Thanks Bredo.

Mmh, unfortunately the preset does remember which items are available in the Inspector, but not the open or closed state of them… That was pretty much the (well, my…) point.