[FR] AAF error log file / Force import

“failed to import”, “aaf contains inconsistencies”, aaf error FFFFFc2b or errror XY".
these are stuff that we need to understand better, because we need to communicate with video editor where is the problem.
Nuendo must have an option to create a simple txt file with something easy to read.

  1. “clip name”-Time code 00122203-failed to import-corupt file
    2 “clip name”-Time code 01051405- failed to import- unknown format
    3.“clip name”-Time code 00222412- failed to import- some kind of error

whell you get the point.
also if there is some sort of error, option to BRUTE FORCE import.
that way we can continue to work on project while video editor reads our error log file and sends us new files.
also nuendo’s main competitor has that option and works great

keep up the good work!