FR: Ability to vertically zoom with the scroll wheel

I’m really surprised this was not added, the scrollwheel zoom feature is currently half implemented.

I would really love it if Ctrl+Shift+Scrollwheel or Ctrl+Alt+Scrollwheel was assigned to zoom in vertically in the arrange and editing windows. This would complete the scrollwheel zooming feature.

Does anyone agree? :slight_smile:

I agree with this. I use the mouse wheel alot and think it would be very helpful.

This reminds me of something related. My mouse wheel can click sideways for horizontal scrolling in applications that support it like Word, Internet Explorer, etc. I know the SHIFT + wheel does this already but it would be nice to have Cubase recognize the sideways click of a mouse wheel for horizontal scroll.


+1 to that too!! Horizontal / tilt scrollwheel support is a must too :slight_smile: