[FR] Add Audio Connections to the Studio Setup window

Please add Audio Connections to the Studio Setup window. I often need to edit items in both windows at the same time, but since you can’t open both windows at the same time opertations are quite time consuming.



I’m just wondering, what do you need to edit at the same time, please?

Studio Setup is global settings. Audio Connections Inputs and Outputs are project settings.

Thanks Martin, I didn’t think about global/project settings.

In that case, I would instead like to have the possibility to open the Audio Connections window from the Studio Setup window, the same way you open an ASIO driver Control Panel window from it.

Use case: let’s say that for some reasons you change the current ASIO driver; then, you may need to change the Audio connections too; maybe you then find that you didn’t get the results you expected. So you have to close the Studio Setup window, Open the Audio connections windows, etc.

Get it?

Audio system and Audio connections are strictly related.

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