FR: Add Rewire Track Delay - Sync Issues


I used to use track delay to get all my instruments to sound precise and timed together, due to sluggish behavior with some instruments. I’m now using Rewire with MIDI coming into the DAW. But Cubase’s track delay doesn’t apply to echo’d MIDI from the MIDI monitor. I’d like the delay to apply to echo’d MIDI as well.

I can see why the delay feature wouldn’t exactly be able to be a negative number in this context. But perhaps if monitoring is enabled, the numerical range of the track delay feature would only add a delay, not play it early. Either way, my instruments are just barely out of sync with rewire and it’s driving me a little crazy. :wink:

Note that I’m using Spitfire Audio. Many of their samples were recorded to intentionally capture the earliest audible parts of an the attack envelope as the instrument is played. So track delay is essential for such samples (they aren’t the only ones that do this, for that matter). This would certainly make Cubase a bit more Rewire-friendly (and help me stay a little sane).

Thank you,

In case this helps anyone… I found a way to cheat this:

Because I’m using Rewire, I have incoming MIDI to Cubase being monitored live.
Because I’m using Vienna Ensemble Pro to host my orchestral libraries, there’s extra buffer for VEP (ASIO, audio over lan, etc).

So… my orchestra isn’t in sync with my synths loaded into Cubase. BUT… I’ve put all Cubase-hosted VST’s out to an FX channel. On that channel I’ve loaded the surround-mix plugin, which lets you add a delay to the audio routing (which essentially delays the midi tracks I have hosted in Cubase to match my VEP instrument’s playback timing). Now, all my instruments play at the same time. I stand by my feature request as this is truly weird and I’ve read countless threads online now about incoming midi sync problems and it’s relation to ASIO. Still, this may help some other random soul out there who’s desperate to survive the messy world of music software.