[FR] Adding of native and properly working "attacca" marking

Hello dear team,

Would be really nice if we have a native “attacca” mark as part of Dorico, which has a switchable option “on/off”, that is able to “attach” the playback between the flows, by bypassing the pause in between.
Currently the adding of “attacca” is possible through different workarounds, but just as a text option without any affect on the playback.

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Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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It is simple enough to set the pause between flows to zero for continuous music.

For playback one can create a layout with silent flows between movements that need separation.

Hi @Derrek,
Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:
I’m already aware about the mentioned, by you, workarounds.
My main point is to make the things to look and sound as they are written, avoiding tricks. :slight_smile:

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I agree an attacca that controlled the length of pause between particular flows would be most welcome.


Isn’t there more to attacca than just the technical connection without a gap? Attacca is something that happens unexpectedly, sometimes even early - in the best sense of the meaning of attack :person_fencing:

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Hi @k_b,

Interesting statement of yours :slight_smile:
Most commonly, in the music, the attacca is used only to attach two movements, in other words to bypass the expected pause in between, which by it’s nature is unexpected enough. :slight_smile:
Everything in the score should look clear, without unexpected things. If something unexpected (for the audience) should happen, it should be written and interpreted by the conductor.
attacca doesn’t mean that something major in the music should happen on off-beat. Such musical events must be written on the score sheet.

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

Yes I know, most musicians (including me) read this as attached i.e. not much time to turn pages… but this discussion led me to consider about the actual meaning of attacca.
It has to do with the timing, like in a good drama play, a sudden movement, a sound, before (or not when) you expect it.

It’s attach, not attack. It may be something sudden and unexpected, but in general it just means ‘it’s not finished yet, we continue’’.


That has always been my understanding of the term (and when I used it years ago, there was never any question among the players --or the copyist–what I meant).


For me, the most important new functionality related to attacca would be the ability to have cautionary time signatures, key signatures, and clefs, and to be able to tie notes from the end of one flow to the start of the next. I’m working through the workarounds for this right now, and it’s a real headache getting rid of all the rests in the “dummy measure” created for a cautionary key signature, etc. I personally don’t care about playback, but these other things would be really nice.


This is probably one of the reasons these problems have not been tackled so far. The Team really wants to do the things correctly (as we’ve seen for instance with the fermata playback — the wait has been long but the reward is that the tool is flexible and works great). I admit this is my awaited feature №1, since the “new” Sibelius team have somehow implemented those broken ties/slurs in repeat boxes, and I don’t want to hear Sibelius users tell me how easy it is on their tool. And I am tired of those lv workarounds, too. But I know it’s coming, in due time, as always.
(BTW @dspreadbury, I’ve been using extensively … after dynamics and tempi in the popovers and :pray::pray::pray:)

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