FR: additional multi-bar rests feature

I had a situation today where there were a couple spots in a part where Dorico was consolidating multibar rests; these areas were pretty short (3 bars or less) and were not necessary. HOWEVER, towards the end of the work everything also condensed into a “tacet al fine”.

I would love it if we could disable multi-bar rests in some layouts, while still permitting a tacet al fine. Again, in this case, two bars here or there means that the multibar rests weren’t really necessary, however the tacet al fine was actually welcome. Unfortunately, disabling MBR disabled the tacet marking as well.


Could you achieve the desired result by using the Split Multibar Rest function individually rather than setting the Layout Option?

In this case, I just provided a cue which worked just as well. TBH, I forgot about the split multibar rest feature since I don’t work with orchestral instruments all that often. I will take your suggestion next time. I do think it would be nice to have an engraving option for this, however.

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