FR - Additional option to hide/show staff labels in a layout with several flows

I have a project with several flows.
In the vocals layout (from one to four voices) staff labels on each system are needed for several flows.
Mostly on the polyphonic flows.
In the other flows the staff labels are not needed.

What is the best way to manage this situation?

I am aware that you can hide or show a staff label at each system break but it means that you have to insert a system break for each system and either hide or show the staff labels.

I have change this post to a Feature Rrequest.
See my post below.

I assume then that nothing has changed in Dorico 4.

Thus this is my feature request:
Add an option to the visibility of staff labels allowing the setting to stay active for all the following systems in a whole flow until it is expressly deactivated in an other system break.

  1. In case one wants the staff labels to be visible for the whole flow only one setting would be necessary at the beginning of the flow instead of editing 20 or 30 or depending on the length of the flow even much more system breaks.

  2. In case the staff labels should be visible only at specific places, for example when the character distribution changes, the actual behaviour is great but nevertherless it can also happen that at some point later in the flow, it becomes necessary to continuously show the staff labels (imagine the vocal score at the end of the “Quintett” in West side story or the end of “One day more” in Les Misérables).
    In this case this feature would also help a lot.

  3. One can possibly make better layout decisions about where a system break should occur when the staff labels are visible.
    At the moment, if you need the staff labels, you have to decide where the system breaks are, before the staff labels are even visible.
    In my view this is not the best basis to make a layout decision.

Even if the actual feature already allows to show or hide the staff labels at any points in a score I would say that in case 1 and 2 this is too much work to do, and case 3 shows that it possibly prevents the user to make the best possible layout decision concerning system breaks.

I hope this can be considered in the future.

Did you know that from at least 3.5, you can click on a system break and determine which instruments show on each stave and whether or not their labels are full/ abbreviated/ hidden?

Could it be that you did not read my two posts attentively enough? :wink:

Of course I am aware of this feature.
And what I am requesting is and additional option to this very feature: make it possible that the setting works for all following systems until you deactivate it in a new system break.
At the moment you have to set this for each system.

Just wondering - if you need the labels to show for every system, couldn’t you just set that in the layout options, and then just change the few that you don’t?

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Sorry. Got it. This would be a nice addition.

  1. As mentioned in the first post, it is about scores with multiple flows (not just 3 or 4 flows but from 15 to 25 flows).
  2. It is almost never about only a few systems within a flow, but about either all systems or half of them or whatever.
    It depends on the music.
    I think I have described some possible situations clearly in my second post.

Then how much work you have to do depends first on what you have choosed as global option at the beginning.
Let say a greater number of flows do not need staff labels.
You then choose the global layout option “no staff label”
One way or another after this choice you are left with a bunch of other flows where you have to manually show/hide the staff labels via system breaks.
If for musical reasons one of this flow needs staff labels for each system, you have them to add them manually for each system because this is the way the feature works: for one system only.
Therefore the suggestion to allow that the setting stays active for the following systems.
If in other case you have to hide/show manually for “only” half of the systems the suggested option would be helpfull too

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Fair enough :slight_smile: