FR: adjacent or semi-adjacent dynamics group automatically

This is primarily a matter of aligning dynamics horizontally. If a dynamic at an earlier rhythmic position is applied after the fact, like adding mf to the beginning of a hairpin, sometimes they get grouped automatically, sometimes they don’t.

Also, if dynamics are even the slightest bit non-adjacent (separated by a fraction of a beat), they won’t group automatically, even if visually they should be aligned, and therefore grouped.

I’d like to suggest two things:

  1. Dynamics automatically group if they are within X beats of one another, X being a value that can be set in Engraving Options.
  2. Adjacent (or semi-adjacent) dynamics group automatically, even when added at different times.

Basically, I’m asking for a more automatic grouping of dynamics everywhere, if they’re close enough that they look mis-aligned.


The trick will be knowing where system breaks occur in each part since the optimum alignment groupings might be different in different layouts.

Admittedly, having this automated would be amazing.

Adjacent, i.e. abutting, dynamics will be grouped automatically already, but I don’t anticipate us adding an option to make non-abutting dynamics group automatically.

They don’t always group, though. At least if they’re added in reverse order: